Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Fault Finding?
    Fault Finding is the "brainwork" involved in any electrical repair. It takes experience and electrical knowledge to do quick and accurate fault finding. We test and examine your wiring of course, but mainly we listen to you, to find out exactly what is causing the problem you've asked us about.

    How long does Fault Finding generally take?
    Fault finding a problem usually does not take very long. The average time is 1 to 1&1/2 hours. In many cases the solution to the problem is easier than finding the problem. There are cases where it takes some time to diagnose your problem, or problems. When we discover that the trouble shooting process may take awhile, we tell you before continuing.

    How can I know how much this will cost?
    We don't want to surprise you with a higher bill than you expect, anymore than you want to be surprised. Once we have diagnosed your electrical problem we can give you an estimate for the required works.

    Whats is involved in rewiring                                                                           Answer: The lifting and refitting of carpets and floorboards will be required in many cases to allow for  installation of the new wiring. As will access to any loftspace. Chasing of walls so as wiring will not be seen is also undertaken and making good is carried out though a final fill and redecoration will be required after my completion. All the aforementioned will be discussed in detail at your property and disruption is always kept to a minimum, where possible I use existing conduits, and it has been known to rewire a house with little making good required, this is the aim.